Standard partnership

$100/month or $999 (if paid in advance) for annual partnership

Business Partners will pay Senior Source Danville the sum of $100 per month ($999 in advance) to become a Senior Source Danville Business Partner (“Business Partner”). Client will gain opportunities to connect with a group of affluent and influential fifty plus (50+) customer base, generate leads, and in addition, Senior Source agrees to:

1. Senior Source will provide access to its marketing services to establish personal, high touch connections between Business Partner and the customer base. This begins with an in-depth profile and heartfelt recommendation written by the Senior Source Danville team and delivered to our members AND the general public through email and Social Media.

2.  Senior Source will grant free access to Senior Source Danville event space as a meeting space (corporate business meetings, employee appreciation luncheons, etc.) twice annually. Senior Source Danville assists with all event planning and promotion. Business Partners may also take advantage of our unique event Space/Planning/Promotion for private events at a 25% discounted rate. 

3. Business partners may sponsor “Create Your Own” event at Senior Source Danville. These events are the idea of the Business Partner. The Business Partner covers the cost of the event. Senior Source Danville will assist with all planning and promotion of the event.  Business Partner may choose to invite their own guests or open such an event to Senior Source Danville Members. If Senior Source Danville Members are invited, there will be no cost to rent our event space. The Business Partner will only cover the cost of any refreshments served. 

4. Business Partners will have the opportunity to sponsor and participate in Senior Source Danville Member events and activities, such as chartered bus trips, educational seminars, wine tastings, Euchre night, etc. one time per quarter. The level of sponsorships differ depending on event and the creativity of the business partner.


5. Standard Business Partners will receive a twenty-five percent (25%) discount on customer service training programs offered by Senior Source Danville. 

6. The Business Partner will be given a fifteen percent (15%) on all additional marketing services of Senior Source. discount Danville. Such as, mystery shopping, competitive analysis, collateral development, press releases, marketing plan development, etc.

7. Senior Source Danville’s Resource Center may be utilized to display collateral marketing materials and special offer details.

8. Senior Source Danville will make referrals and personally introduce potential customers to the Business Partner for services and products offered by the Business Partner.

9. Business Partner name will be highlighted, as appropriate on Senior Source Danville’s Facebook page. For example: tagging the Business Partner on postings and articles related to the sector of business in which the Business Partner is engaged. Business Partners may supply article content, if they wish. Content must be approved by Senior Source Danville. One time per quarter.

10. Senior Source Danville’s Facebook page will serve as a platform to share unlimited events, activities, or press announcements provided by the Business Partner.

11. Senior Source will execute quarterly texts or email blasts to its Member Group about incentives and other key messages offered by the Business Partner. It is the Business Partner’s responsibility to supply Senior Source Danville with the information to be promoted.

12. The Business Partner will have the right to participate in the Senior Source Danville Membership Discount Card Program. Members will use their SSD Member Card at participating Businesses to redeem pre-determined discounts or specials that are promoted by Senior Source Danville to Members.

13. The Business Partner will receive quarterly reporting regarding marketing activity in that time period.

Additional Information

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